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12-12-18 NE Medical Cannabis Seminar and Support: Ellen Lenox Smith

We are pleased to present Ellen Lenox Smith; Author of: “It Hurts Like Hell!: I Live With Pain– And Have a Good Life, Anyway” and “My Life as a Service Dog!”. Ellen is a board member and also Co-Director for Medical Cannabis Advocacy in the U.S. Pain Foundation and is a board member for the …

11-28-18 NE Medical Cannabis Seminar and Support: Melissa Bouchard

Please welcome Melissa Bouchard, medical cannabis educator and consultant and share in her expertise. Meeting is free and open to the public. Wednesday, November 28th, at: Press On Sandwich Crafters, LLC 391 Norwich Westerly Rd (Holly Green Plaza, Rte. 2), North Stonington, Connecticut 06359 Brought to you by: Country Doc Wellness Center Family Medicine Practice …

Happy Halloween from all of us Gals at the Country Doc Wellness Center!!!

In spirit of the holiday, we have exhumed and resurrected our former website. TODAY IS THE OFFICIAL LAUNCH of the new COUNTRY DOC WEBSITE! Please take a look around, and sign up for our newsletter, THERE ARE SO MANY EXCITING THINGS TO COME!!!

John Apicella’s 80th Birthday Party

His first book: “If you know what I mean” was something that John and I brainstormed two years ago. He was writing for fun while medicated and the result was so wonderful that I encouraged him to write more stories and complete a book. He is onto his second book now. These pictures are from …

Supporting the Local Art Community

Fine Art: Brian Keith Stephens, North Stonington, CT Website:  www.briankeithstephens.com Fine Art & Photography: Ania Simpson (Esther Pola), Old Lyme, CT Website: www.polaesther.com Resident Artist: Troy Zaushny resident artist at the Hygienic Gallery, New London, CT Website: www.zaushny.com

Lyme Disease

The Country Doc Family Medicine and Wellness Center is the Center of Excellence for treatment of Lyme Disease in New London Connecticut and surrounding area. The disease named after the town of Lyme on the Connecticut River. Lyme disease comes from the bite of a tick and creates a bedlam of issues with the human …


Get the integrated picture of health and gain new insights into how the mind, body, environment, and spirit contribute to wellbeing and common health concerns. Classes offer an integrative perspective as well as insight into the impact of stress in daily living. Learn new tools for taking control of your health. A sampling of topics …

Dr. Pecher Featured in Article in the Hartford Courant

Dr. Pecher was in the press again in an article featured in The Hartford Courant. View Article